Saturday, January 22, 2011

I think I want a Sony Bloggie Camera

Pictured is a model the Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video Camera which I have seen in the stores over the Christmas Holidays. That is the one I really would like to get. At the Sony Website a different model of the bloggie camera is shown and I really don't want that model.

Last year, I was looking at a small camcorder such as the Flip, but ultimately I just decided the Flip wasn't a good fit. Mainly because I didn't want to just have to move the footage off of the storage on the camera itself. The Flip camera from what I have seen offers no means to save any footage onto a separate memory card.

If I only had at the very least 2 hrs recording time on a Flip, I could also have some more recording time if I used a separate memory card. At that surely, there are memory cards of different sizes which would offer me variable recording time. Perhaps similar to what I could get on a MiniDV tape.

That is what I have in mind. Also I do like the design of the Sanyo Xacti cameras but some of the models I like are overpriced. Even worse those model cameras are not readily available as so far I have only found them at Radio Shack stores.

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