Sunday, May 31, 2009

Abortion doctor murdered!

You know personally I'm against abortion. If one gets an abortion it shouldn't be taken lightly or in my opinion done with the slightest whim. I'd say if you're going to do it you better have a very good excuse to do it and I would hope you wouldn't do it because you hate your ex-boyfriend or because you just don't want a child especially since you can prevent the pregnancy in the first place. Although I understand when it happens because you didn't think about the precautions.

What's unfortunate is the idea that someone shoots an abortion doctor because they are against abortion. Killing an abortion Doctor may not help the cause of eventually striking down Roe v. Wade or making abortion illegal in this nation. Surely this is going to galvanize those folks who consider themselves pro-choice and this incident with Dr. Tiller could be used to demonize those who are pro-life.

Let's get to the story:

A search is ongoing for the suspect in this morning's fatal shooting of George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who became a national lightning rod in the debate over abortion.

Tiller, 67, was shot just after 10 a.m. in the lobby of Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses, a city official and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.

Police said they are looking for white male who was driving a 1990s powder blue Ford Taurus with Kansas license plate 225 BAB. The vehicle is registered to an owner in Merriam, which is in the Kansas City area.
Wichita police Capt. Brent Allred said that several law enforcement agencies -- including the FBI and the KBI -- have been called in to help with the case.

"This is going to be a larger search than probably maybe just Wichita that we're looking for this individual," Allred said. "So we've got the resources coming in to help us with this investigation."

Allred said that no one else was injured in the shooting. He would not say how many shots were fired. He said it's unclear whether the shooter exchanged any words with the victim.
I'm very sorry this happened and I would hope no one else who have the "gumption" the idea that they should be willing to engage in this activity themselves. Instead of shooting let's not lose sight of the goal a debate over abortion and whether or not it should be a right. Indeed the debate should be over whether or not aborting an embryo or fetus would be considered murder. Let's not engage in the murder of abortion doctors because of what they do especially at the expense of losing this debate.

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