Monday, June 01, 2009

I just saw The Wrestler last night

This movie may have done more to turn me away from the wrestling business than the bad storylines seen in WWF today. I consider myself more of a casual fan now than the fanatic I once was many years ago. It's kinda been bled out of me since the WWF has gone downhill as far as quality the last few years.

This film showed the less glamorous aspects of professional wrestling. Especially the drugs that wrestlers use and the treatment they get at the end of a match. It's a tough life if you have the stamina for that activity.

Most important Randy (our protagonist) is more of an independent wrestler. He never seemed to have made it to the big time which I would consider WWF or WCW or even ECW (although that was more independent than big time despite it's nationwide cult following). Instead he seems to bounce from indy promotion to indy promotion and he essentially has his own following amongst the local circuit. Although that may pale in comparison to the following wrestlers may have if they've wrestlers for WWF or WCW.

His life takes a turn when his health forces him to retire. He attempts to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter and he also was able to win the affections of a stripper who quit her job and pleads with him not to do this match at the end of the movie for the sake of his health.

How did he decide to do this last match. Well he said it before he went out for this last match. He said that in the real world he gets hurt. In the world of professional wrestling he is the most happiest and it was worth risking his health for the adulation he has recieved as a wrestler.

For the most part, I really believed Mickey Rourke was a professional wrestler. And I could believe that the meat of this movie was about the personal life of a professional wrestler. Especially the fact that he took a part-time job at a grocery store, but eventually becomes dissatifies with it because it wasn't his calling.

You know as a fan I wanted to be involved in that business and it's very much a tough way up. If I couldn't be a wrestler I could always be a promoter. But this movie turned me off of that. How can I hire anyone to want to do this for a living? I'd rather be a spectator and be done with it or be turned off completely.

I would recommend that you watch this movie!

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