Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another big box point...

I've been very interested in this ordinance because I believed it would impact the job market. If forcing a company of a certain size to pay a certain amount of dollars causes said company to stay away from a town or to actually move away from said town that would be bad, right? Either was I was interested in how the black alderman would handle this. Besides some of them represent some very impoverished wards.

I found a post at Eric Zorn's blog about this and a commenter offer his two cents. I post everything in its entirety...

What was truly interesting yesterday was watching and listening to some of the Black Alderman who claimed to be the most impacted, of all, by the Ordinance. Keep in mind that the Black Alderman run there Wards as if they are feudal lords. He's a quick break down:

Coleman (16) has a much bigger box of problems on her desk in an election season. She is probably the most vulnerable of all of the Black Alderman (well Troutman (20) is probably the most vulnerable). As such, the good Reverend needs the Mayor now more than ever before. Defy the King when your subjects are potentially in a revolt? Think not. She would have been a fool not to "flip." She says that Wal-Mart has plans to come to her Ward. Understandable, but (1) when are they coming to Englewood; and (2) have they made a commitment in WRITING or is it just ... talk. I think the latter is true. She as to fear Daley more than the Unions.

Brookins (21) is no dummy. The most theatric of all (he's a lawyer). He was the champion from the beginning and was targeted by the lady Alderman in opposition (mainly Lyle (6)). He simply picked the right side ... early.

Lyle (6) is the real flipper. There is one Target on the South Side of Chicago. Guess where it is ... you guessed it ... the 6th Ward. If she feels so strongly about the issue, then why doesn't she start cleaning up her own backyard before she starts snooping around in others who simply want a chance. She has to be banking on the Unions to help her out. She is destined for a run-off (as usual) and will need the Unions big time.

Hairston (5) made clear that the jobs are needed in the Black community ... period. But, at the same, Wal-mart is not welcome in the 5th Ward.

Preckwinkle (4) did what she does best ... curry up to the White northside liberals (U of C is in her ward so she knows the drill) ... then "flip" back and say that she is concerned that the Black Alderman are at each others throats. Hogwash. She does not need the King ... she has her own King to answer to ... The U of C! Plus, she's in with the Unions. She's a lock.

Troutman (20) was the funniest of them all. She knows she is on her way out! She claims to have held "community meetings" etc. on the issue. Friends in 20, however, say that she is never in her office (just call for yourself and check), and have never heard of any community meetings on Big Box. She ranted and raved in Chambers yesterday welcoming all challengers saying she is "ready for them." They had better watch out becuase she probably does not have something waiting for them. Expect a gang war to break out in 20 during the election. Expect Troutman to use her gang connects to shut (or shoot) down any opposition. The Mayor can help also. But, if Leon Finney is not in support of her then neither will be the Mayor. Expect bloodshed.

Tillman (3) owns all of the land in her ward anyway. Why wouldn't she want a Big Box.

Austin (34) & Beale (9)need jobs ... period.

This person said a mouthfull to say the least.

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