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Friday, December 09, 2016

It's been 8 years already

I was mostly all over this back then all the way through the culmination of the impeachment process which saw our Ousted governor removed from office. Blago was replaced by then Lt. Governor Pat Quinn who served from 2009 to 2015 which he was succeeded by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Since the time of Rod Blagojevich it seems no Illinois governor has really inspired strong confidence in state government. It could've been Gov. Quinn but he lost his bid for re-election and according to some analysts I've read didn't give Illinois voters a real reason to vote for him. He had some strong accomplishments such as an increase in the state income tax that proved to be temporary, the abolition of the death penalty, and gay marriage. Otherwise not much other than that.

On the other hand his immediate predecessor now a felon for his activities as Governor and serving time in federal custody seems largely forgotten. Other than the crimes he was convicted and his dramatic removal from office.

Our current Governor his main accomplishment is holding the state budget hostage in exchange for some needed reforms. I hope someone around him will help him change his strategy so that he can eventually get those needed reforms. And he needs to start his re-election bid soon so a change in course is necessary now.

In the meanwhile today, we observe the arrest of former Governor Rod Blagojevich for amongst other charges attempting to put President Barack Obama's old US Senate seat up for sale. It happened 8 years ago today and was noted by Rich Miller who said when the news broke of Rod's arrest his Capitol Fax site crashed from the traffic.

It was big news when a Governor of an important state is arrested by any police authorities. FBI, state police, or city police it doesn't matter. Regardless as the pic above indicates this was most certainly a shame.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Black working class males

This article from the Christian Science Monitor I found on Tuesday over at Instapundit makes a case of how Black working class males can relate to the White working class males that voted strongly for Trump last month. The issues are similar if not much worse for the Black working class.

In the same breath there was mention of a local employment agency in the NY Times and client companies being sued for discrimination. The client companies who needed workers preferred hispanics to Blacks with the excuse for this being Blacks didn't want to do the work, however, the preferred workers according to the article were illegal and may not be as willing to stand up for themselves. Or more accurately, "They are so scared to raise their voice and say, ‘Hey, this is not fair.’"

This is old news in fact as this past summer the Capitol Fax blog posted about this.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

To lighten the mood

[VIDEO] Time to lighten the mood around these parts from the election to a dead mall to a death of a Head of State Dictator. Perhaps we need a little humor around here.

Back in the early 1990s when I was a young buck, Nick at Nite aired an original series called On the Television. Basically it was a pseudo critic show as two critics which I liken to Siskel & Ebert types who review a variety of TV programs. Most of the programs were essentially satires of the TV programs of the time.

The program itself hasn't been seen on TV at all in a while because I learned due to some bankruptcies and other economics the show proved expensive to even air in syndication. Thankfully a few of the satirical TV programs or more accurately sketches were uploaded to YouTube almost a decade ago.

Some of them are quite hilarious and some of them are in my humble opinion quite unwatchable. The sketch you see above involves game show rules. The first one was just dumb explaining heads or tails.

The second one was confusing and was very funny as a result. Even the contestants aren't sure how to play that game.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fidel Castro

The longtime President Dictator of Cuba passed away over the recent weekend. We heard of a eulogy by the Canadian Prime Minister and then it was also emphasized that he was a very brutal man who claimed lives in his island Caribbean nation consolidating his control.

I want to share this Illinois angle to the death of Castro. In 1999 then Illinois Gov. George Ryan - I'm sorry to add he's a disgraced former governor who served time in prison for crimes committed when he was our former Secretary of State - he paid a visit to Cuba. You can read the full interview at the Daily Herald where he talked about his visit and his interactions with Fidel Castro. He brought a nice care package with him when he went down there especially some religious items for Cuba's Catholics and Jewish community.

Yeah another thing about Fidel Castro, he didn't like religion that much it seems. Though it seems he had to soften his stance as time went on even after he had to retire from his position as Cuba's dictator.

Rich Miller was also on Gov. Ryan's visit to Cuba and had some tense interactions with Castro and is sorry he never had the chance to ask this question:
My greatest regret is that, because he pointed his finger in my face while yelling at me and then cut me off when I asked about the hotel owners, I didn’t get to ask Castro about something I’d witnessed countless times in Havana.

Whenever anybody I talked with in Cuba mentioned Castro, they never used the man’s name. Instead, they’d always slyly stroke their chin to mimic somebody stroking their own beard. People whispered to me that they did this because Castro had spies literally everywhere and nobody was sure who was whom. Saying his name out loud risked perking up somebody’s ears nearby and then draw unwanted attention to the person who was speaking.

Castro talked often during that press conference about how the people loved him and how free they all were. So, I wanted to use that chin-stroking thing as my final question, but I never got to ask it.

And now I never will.
Over the years Cuba by some people who may be leftist activists and probably by some friends when I was in college how Cuba has a good health care system and also high literacy rates. By this poignant example it heightens my belief that high literacy and health care means very little if you're not free. Especially if you can't write what you want to write or read what you want to read or you're taken care of by great doctors regardless you're healthy but you're still not free.

The people who laud these achievement gloss over the freedom angle. They seem to dismiss that the Communists of Cuba had little problem with executing people who threatened their regime.

The Cuban exile community celebrated Castro's demise. I will not celebrate the death of any man, but I will celebrate the eventual fall of the regime that man helped build.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Snapshot on Thanksgiving

It's been years since I posted a mobile image on a blog. I was walking around downtown on Thanksgiving day with my iPad snapping shots. Took this shot of Pizzeria Due through the Blogger mobile app. Perhaps I'll share more from yesterday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The abandoned Lincoln Mall

[VIDEO] I don't remember the last time being at this Matteson, IL mall before it's closing. Perhaps it was within the last decade and it look largely vacant at the time. In 2015 it was closed and Matteson is charged with finding a new use for the property.

In the meanwhile, this recent video shows us the inside of the mall. The video has an eerie soundtrack to it. The still pics you see at the end makes this abandoned place look even more creepy. I thought they were in there at almost dawn and that would make it more creepy.

Either way seems like a shame this mall lost business to the point where it is now closed.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The President-elect: The world's greatest troll!

[VIDEO] I just have to admit this video was hilarious. The world's greatest troll gets elected President of the United States. I couldn't predict what happened over a week ago and it happened and as this video shows a lot of people are upset.

To be honest, he didn't seem to troll Secretary of State Clinton enough. If he barely trolled her he trolled the media. And having seen other videos where it was apparently Hollywood and media figures didn't take him seriously and the people still selected him. No wonder so many people consider the recent outcome shocking.

BTW, I'll be honest time to change the subject. He still won and we'll be hearing a lot about it until his inaugural on January, 20th of next year.

I wonder if the individuals behind Instapundit & Newsalert have seen this yet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sometimes it's emotional

Going into election night I had no idea where it would go. My gut feeling was telling me it was going to be Clinton/Kaine, however this was going to be a close election. I felt as if Trump/Pence had enough support to give the Democrats a run for their money. Everyone in this country who paid attention to polls and trends were shocked.

On election night, I missed whatever state put Trump over the top as far as electoral votes. It might have been Pennsylvania or Arizona. Either way I was on the phone with a friend who was absolutely livid that the Republicans were even ahead in this race, he just didn't understand. He as a Black male thinks it's time to move to Canada, it won't be safe here.

He's echoing what was said by protestors in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood where they chanted that they "want a president not a f*cking racist". It's a common belief unfortunately perhaps as a result of statements the candidate has made during the campaign. This leads me to a conclusion I've just realized.

As much as I attempt to approach politics with logic and reason it's often emotional for people. Perhaps many people are passionate when an issue resonates with someone emotionally. Case in point my friend he likes to talk a lot about race, to be honest I'm not that comfortable with that subject but he looked at this election as a Black male. Clearly the issue of race for many people is an emotional issue and we need not look further than our history to realize this.

I'm not going to try to break down this emotion over Trump's surprise victory with anything resembling the scientific method. Everyone has their reason why they seem to have taken this election hard. Fact is neither candidate had been ideal and yes for now America still doesn't have a woman as President. Or indeed America elected a President that didn't reflect the ideals they wanted to prevail.

So to echo a blog post title written here, where do we go from here?

Electoral College if "did not vote" was an option

Brilliant maps said share this map so therefore it's shared. The beige colors represent those states with large numbers of voters who didn't vote. This may have made a different for President-elect Donald Trump and these voters could've elected the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A huge what if admittedly!

I'm glad this wild election season is over though I recognize that this season had some surprising results.

Monday, November 14, 2016

So President Clinton tried to tell his wife's campaign...

It's been almost 16 years since Bill Clinton left office and despite his many flaws as a man or as President I know this of him. He was a gifted person at connecting with people, I couldn't say the same for his wife who became a US Senator or a Secretary of State. She may have been a true believe in leftist policies however she didn't have the same gift at connecting with people.

The President may have been successful in triangulation. He may have signed some Republican legislation into law, but it insured his continued political success. It may well have insured the future political success of the Democrats even if many were unhappy about it.

Too bad that his wife Hillary Clinton and her staff didn't believe him when he said target the white working class. If she wasn't going to win them over, start chipping away at the Donald's margins. The former President may have seen this coming and no one listened to him and those who supported Mrs. Clinton got the shock of their lives.

It's often been said that the many groups that turned out for outgoing President Barack Obama didn't turn out for Mrs. Clinton. Apparently the love many have felt in the past for Obama didn't extend to Clinton. If white working class people turned out in higher numbers then Blacks & Latinos at least didn't turn out for Mrs. Clinton.

For the record, I really didn't pay any attention to the polls. My guess on election day was as good as anyone else's. It seems many expected a President-elect Clinton, but were dismayed by a President-elect Donald Trump. Beyond that whoever won I figured that no one was likely to be happy with the outcome as both cadndiates were unpopular coming into last week's election.

BTW, let me leave you here with something funny. This past Saturday Dave Chappelle hosted SNL and with Chris Rock were involved in a sketch that satirized the dismay Clinton supporters had on election night once it went the direction it did.

Friday, November 11, 2016

2016 elections: Where do we go from here?

The video above is from the fb page of Morehouse College. This was shot at the bell in front of the Sale Hall annex the day after the elections. If you've seen a 20 year old PBS documentary The Morehouse Men, this bell is what a Morehouse Man should answer whenever it rings.

As we see this is one response to Trump's election. It's enough that Dr. John S. Wilson, President of Morehouse College, had to speak on this as you see here. He discussing the fact that of the 600K or so Blacks that reside in Georgia not enough go to the polls.

He's basically responding or has his response to this year's election which saw Donald Trump become the President-elect of the United States. This outcome that many are baffled by has resulted in protests around the nation especially in downtown Chicago.

Does anyone here have any thoughts to offer as far at the recent 2016 elections?