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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Controversy around Nate Parker

I've been hearing about this for a while now. Nate Parker who has a movie coming out in October - The Birth of a Nation. Lately he's been mired in bad press over a past rape charge for which he had been tried and convicted.

At Instapundit we see a rebuttal to this. Basically it's that men unfortunately have often been unable to shake any charge of rape even after they were found innocent or acquitted. The rebuttal is basally we believe the victim over the accused even if it turns out the accused may not have committed the crime after all.

This is what happened to Mr. Parker and is what's happening. Unfortunately the victim is not with us to tell us her side of the story, she killed herself in 2012. Her family continues to speak for her however and seems to still believe Parker and another young man assaulted the victim.

All the same the story behind the alleged rape is as controversial as the subject of the movie. The film essentially is about a slave rebellion led by one Nat Turner.

In the comments about this I find on social media it's always emphasized that being acquitted doesn't mean it didn't happen. Which is technically true and we have one case of that look at OJ Simpson and he's in prison right now. Not for killing his ex-wife and her male friend, but for something completely different. It's an example how is life unraveled after he himself was accused of a major crime and also acquitted. He later lost a judgement in a wrongful death civil suit.

But then having to say acquitted doesn't mean it didn't happen also bothers me. Because in our system we're innocent until proven guilty. For that trial Parker wasn't proven guilty and now this case is coming back out. Someone out there isn't going to let him shake it and will believe he did something. It won't even matter if he stayed on the straight and narrow after his release.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A rare Chicago tornado

Found out Chicago had its last tornado in 2006. Why do I know about this now because on Tuesday with no rain or storms in the area a tornado touched down on Chicago's southwest side near Midway Airport. It stayed in one place and remained stationary according to reports but it's still what they call a landspout tornado.

WGN has some pictures from their camera at the Sears Willis Tower
This piece of trivia I found very fascinating and to recall I used to be terrified of tornadoes until I learned how rare these storms are especially in our city. Not sure I'd want to experience this in the sticks. All the same I'm sure there are media reports of this 2006 tornado.

I could still look but then I found this 2006 video of a tornado near Loyola University Chicago. So when this video was uploaded to YouTube I had been at Morehouse for a month already.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

CHICAGO ARGUS:What constitutes a “real” American? That’s the question we must answer

Gregory Tejada writes this post to take on the Trump phenomenon. He even mentions the whole attack on the parents of a Muslim solider who had been killed in Iraq.

BTW, I read that the father who spoke at the Democratic Convention last month had business ties to the Clintons. So Trump's volley towards him seem appropriate. Seems like a mess all the way around though.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spelman alum gives up her corporate job for the cannabis industry

BTW, I really hate this headline for this article just so you know. She gives up "coke" for cannabis almost makes it sound like she's giving up on drug for another. Reality is she's giving up her job at Coca-Cola to enter into the emerging and growing marihuana industry.

It's an intersting look at a "minority" entering an emerging business that no one really understands. Also this business involves a drug like marihuana that is increasingly accepted even if many still shun it. Consider that most banks still won't accept funds from such a business because of any connection with any illegal narcotics.

In Illinois there is a law that allows for medicinal marihuana. In fact this morning on the CapFax there was an article about a court ruling on whether or not a state agency can unilaterally deny a certain condition can be prescribed medicinal marihuana.

Another question answered in the above article is the perception about Blacks and drugs. Even if increasingly marihuana is starting to find acceptance and ultimately decriminalized.

Monday, July 25, 2016

New ship for "Star Trek: Discovery"

[VIDEO] The new ship for a new Star Trek TV series coming in the new year. If you can't wait for that new series to premiere in 2017 then Star Trek Beyond is out in theaters now. Hopefully I'll see it during the course of the next week or so. Can't wait!

BTW, Discovery will air the series premiere on the CBS TV network and then further episodes will air on CBS's online streaming service. Which I hope they'll change if this return proves to be very successful.

The use of online streaming for TV programs have expanded as of late with such shows as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Fuller House have taken advantage of this medium. For a Star Trek series this is not unfamiliar territory since a new Star Trek series in the 1970s would've premeired on a new network. Also two Star Trek series aired in syndication and two others aired on a new TV network as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Go somewhere....

The Grand Canyon
Something I did for a little over a week. As usual the mode of transport for this trip is not an airplane but Amtrak. It's always good to see the nation roll by especially during the daylight hours. It's always sad to return home though exciting to go out of town. It's also great to be in far more familiar territory as well.

It always good to leave home for a few days and see how life is lived in another part of this nation. How do people live in such locales as Los Angeles or Las Vegas for example? I had a few days in that part of the nation and it's only a snapshot but worthwhile. Plus heading west is always a rare treat indeed.

On this trip I also went to the Grand Canyon. Been years since the first time I went and it's without a doubt a very massive and deep site. If you're not careful deadly because on the way there I learned someone recently slipped and fell to their death.

All the same the message of this post is clear. It doesn't matter if you leave your block, neighborhood, city, or state. Its always OK to go somewhere and see what's out there. You need not go as far as I had because there are sites to see in the Chicago area or even a day trip away.

Which reminds me, I've always wanted to go to Springfield for example. Also I've never allowed myself an opportunity to see St. Louis. Of course I can always visit Gary, Indiana or check out Indianapolis. Then there's Milwaukee never really had the opportunity to see what that city has to offer.

And with these place all you have to do is spend a day go down early one morning and then come back that evening. Of course you can always spend one night away from home. It's always great to see another part of the world.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Saw the new "Purge" movie recently

[VIDEO] I wanted to take this time on the waning minutes of the 4th of July holiday to talk about The Purge: Election Year. I saw it on Sunday and had some thoughts. Mainly to express how glad that so far this nation hasn't turned to anyone similar to the "New Founding Fathers of America".

Somehow in this decade the NFFA is able to gain control of this nation and proposed an event known as the "purge" where it is legal to engage in criminal activities including murder for 12 hours. All emergenc services are suspended so basically whether you participate or not you're on your own.

In some of the synopsis of this film the NFFA and the "purge" is a result of the need to preserve economic prosperity. Essentially what was driven home in the last movie was how the purge is really used to eliminate those people who are dependent. In these movies there are racial overtones in this although I realize who could be targeted in that universe may not necessarily be of one race or ethnicity.

To be honest I never saw the first one but the gist of it is a family helps to protect a homeless man and are thus targeted by a group of purgers. BTW, I got a basic synopsis online so if you don't want to know what it's about especially if you haven't seen it please DO NOT click this link. Although I realize that this film was released in 2012.

The second one had a group of people hoping to survive the purge either being stranded in the wrong place during that period or finding themselves targets by the government. We find out more about this new regime who put this day in place and we find out that well not as many people are participating as they used to.

Then we go to the third one which is the most political of the series. The NFFA and an independent candidate are facing off over whether to keep the purge or abolish it. Of course this "political" movie also involves attempted assassinations and we nakedly see the ethnic and economic overtones of this event. We see more of these new founding fathers. They may not necessarily hold any public offices but obviously have enough influence to be the new regime of the United States.

BTW, worst part of this movie is a girl getting murdered after attempting to steal a candy bar from a store. In this world all you need is a messed up excuse to engage in this activity. I already knew the movie wouldn't end well for her and her crew. Also it's shown how this event can do nothing more than corrupt people.

With the NFFA comes an odd religion and then an odd prayer. The new founding fathers are blessed for letting American citizens to purge and "cleanse" their souls. America is referred to as a nation reborn - which becomes in my mind a very scary campaign slogan. In the third movie it seems the NFFA has their own religious arm which celebrates this purge.

All the same I could spend most of this post over-analyzing a fictional movie but I'm truly glad that in the real world we don't have such an event and never will. A character in "Election Year" said living in Mexico every night is a purge and it's already like this in some places here. We might find out the toll here in Chicago regarding how many people are killed or injury in violence throughout the city.

The new movie is fitting as it involves an election and we are in an election year now. The difference between that election which takes place at some point in the future vs now is that this election doesn't involve any idealistic candidate who seeks to do something major. The major party candidates are on opposite ends of the electorate ideologically and the nation generally isn't happy with them.

Either way, I'm glad that this isn't the nation we have now where there is such a legally sanctioned event.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


In light of the tragic incident in Orlando, Florida over the past weekend with comments made by GOP nominee for President Donald Trump and comments to a federal judge I found a meme online. Not a meme as much as it appears to be a screencap with comments.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It's Hillary!!!

So we see former 1st lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clinched enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination. That means she would make history as the first woman nominee for President of the United States by a major party.

So if nothing weird happens at the DNC or the RNC for that matter this summer, the match-up will be between Donald Trump and Clinton. We saw Trump really go after his fellow Republican during this year's primary elections giving each of his opponents their own special nicknames. Now we can hear him direct that to the Demcratic nominee.

With Hillary I understand her constituency among women has helped her out during her political career. She still has her admirers who also include my mother. I'm sure in a contest with "The Donald" she may play to that.

Still as much as I'm not happy with the prospect of a Trump presidency, this election will become a lot more interesting considering who's in it. Trump may have to be smart with Hillary and unfortunately I will have to find out Hillary's strategy with Trump. Of course it's always possible Trump could be his own worst enemy and strangely it hasn't happened this year at all.

In my mind this year, the better man or woman didn't succeed. All I can say is that we're in for a wild ride. Looking forward to seeing how this race develops.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Martial arts demonstration 1919

[VIDEO] Found this silent film from 1919 of a jiu-jitsu demonstration very interesting. I want to take up this art. I had to find more about this too:
In the video above, we see Viking Cronholm; A man who introduced the Japanese Martial Art of Jiu Jitsu to Sweden, in the early 20th century. The video, taken in Sweden, demonstrates a few simple techniques used in the art of self defense.

Cronholm boxed in his spare time and is said to have won a Championship title while competing in match-ups in Portland, from 1895 – 1900. At 30 years young, he and his wife moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where he learned jiu jitsu from both English and Japanese instructors. It is speculated that the jujitsu he learned was the style that the founder of judo, Kano Jigoro, taught.
The first martial arts film in the world I suppose.