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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Matt Walsh: What is a person?


[VIDEO] Matt Walsh just released a documentary asking the question: what is a woman? And there are many who prove really unwilling to answer that question. No one is willing to define a woman by anything from an adult human female to one that gives birth (as one med student did a TikTok to state that pregnancy shouldn't be associated with women).

So with the abortion debate as he discusses on his program especially since the controversial issue of Roe V. Wade has been overturned a new question is what is a person? So is a person defined by when they are conceived by their biological mother and father?

That is when an female egg cell is fertilized by a male sperm cell? Is such a person defined by when they become an identifiable fetus? And at some point once a person is conceived they grow into what is clearly a mammalian fetus and ultimately an identifiable human.

Finally are they a person when they are born? 

All very good questions which it seems is the next question to really take this debate. We hear women fearing the death of a lot of women who have back alley abortions. Believe it or not I sympathize any thinking feeling person should we don't want people to partake in very unsafe procedures. However, I also care about the unborn and the next debate ought to be what is a person.

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