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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Timcast: Neary 3000 doctors DEMAND spotify CANCEL Joe Rogan


[VIDEO] Why is this the case? Because of his interview with a Dr.  Robert Malone who discusses the mass formation psychosis theory which many seem to consider anti-vax misinformation. 

You can see that discussion that Tim Pool notes in the video below. I already posted it here earlier this month. [VIDEO]

Just to clear the air. I'm not anti-vax, however, there is plenty of dis-information going on with both sides as far as this pandemic. The worst part of this misinformation is that one side seems hell-bent on burying any information that they don't like or contradicts their own notions of this pandemic.

Why not share the information from Rogan on mass formation psychosis. I do think the misinformation that's out there is designed to freak out the public. That not only goes for the "virtual-signalers" who are all about masking up, social distancing, or even those who on social media like to advertise that they're vaxed. I would also throw in those people who are anti-vax.

A lot of info on both sides and only sharing info that supports their own agenda. I want to get out of this pandemic, however, I think both sides are making this crisis worse.

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