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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Attorneys want out of R. Kelly's federal case


[VIDEO] I haven't really been following this on a consistent basis but I do have my thoughts on this.

In about 2002 when I first went away to college the students I met at Morehouse were talking about a video - which I never saw - of R. Kelly engaging in sex acts with a minor. My defense of R. Kelly was usually perhaps it just looks like him, most would say "No it's HIM". Well I don't know I never saw it to say whether or not it was or wasn't him.

Regardless I hold strictly to the idea of innocent until proven guilty. He was charged and put on trial in Illinois with regards to that very video. He was found not guilty and certainly expected that this would be the end of it until fairly recent. 

As noted in the short story above from my local CBS affiliate here in Chicago, he was convicted last year on sex crimes charges in New York. He's under the gun for similar charges in federal court here in Chicago. So whatever is going on in the bedroom with R. Kelly well it exploded more.

Plenty have expressed their opinion of him and may condemn him as a pedophile because it seems he just loves underaged girls. Many probably have been affected by such individuals and our society certainly condemns pedophiles in the worst way. Children are vulnerable, and certainly teenaged young people are vulnerable although certainly they're at an age where they can take care of themselves. At the same time to get the attention of a famous entertainer as R. Kelly that could lead to some issues that no one wants to think about.

Yes I know I'm putting this simply, there's a lot going on here that I have no idea how to address them. One thing to be said is that it seems to me R. Kelly has self-destructed. Even I no longer believe he's innocent and it didn't have to take that one guilty verdict for me to recognize this. Once the public kept finding out things about his private life even I had to say something is wrong here.

I could compare it to O.J. Simpson although he was found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife and her companion, I accepted that he was acquitted although so many believed he did it. He was even found liable in a civil trial determining wrongful death. And worse still he was sent to prison for many years on unrelated charges. For me it just showed many years after he beat the rap in 1995 that he was affected by this murder trial in some way. It causes me to wonder if he actually did the murder.

Well Simpson won't be charged with it now, and R. Kelly currently is undergoing the same legal issues. He already got convicted in New York. And we see his responses to the latest scrutinies especially blowing up at Gayle King. At this point because of what's come up I just have some issues even believing that he hasn't done at least some of the things he's being accused of.

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