Friday, February 15, 2019

Is college worth it?

[VIDEO] I wish I had this advice from Dave Ramsey back in high school. The expectations for many of us whether from our families to even some of the teachers/counselors in school was that we'd go to college. The advice I should've gotten was about planning and then of course having a plan once I got the degree.

What does this mean? What type of job do you plan to have once you graduate? How much money are you willing to spend on college?

With that said over the years, I've had to realize that perhaps we've been going overboard with sending our young people to college. It's an important investment for sure, but again most young people need to plan. I really didn't even if it took me some time to finally finish.

Another thing that I've said is that it seems a college degree has become devalued and taken for granted to the point where it's not just another high school diploma. An undergrad degree once had value, how do we give it value again?

This clip was from a little over three years ago and hopefully parents are discussing college and long term plans with their children who are high school juniors or seniors.

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