Saturday, February 16, 2019

Pro wrestling evolved...

I've been a huge wrestling fan and amazed at the evolution witnessed since the 1990s. Wrestling was something I often caught on syndication usually on the weekends for the top two companies at the time the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and of course World Championship Wrestling. And with cable I would see the shows they would produce each week.

It's amazing to know that I subsisted on the syndicated programs which often contain squash matches for talent that was supposed to get over to what you see on WWF Monday Night Raw currently. It's amazing to see the competition heat up during Monday nights between Raw and WCW Nitro. It's amazing to know that there were other promotions out there that were worth watching on TV if and when one could find them.

We went from watching on syndication to cable and now the WWE have their own subscription streaming service. You can see all types of wrestling across different companies and different eras that ultimately got purchased by the premeire wrestling company in the world. And even then with the NXT brand expanding even further to find new talent around the world.

Even better while it seems the squash matches used to feature talent who never seemed to get in an effective defense against their opponents who were going over. These days we get to see a good match where often who knows which wrestler will pick up the victory. And having never watched a PPV until fairly recently I'm glad that I was around during the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWF to be able to consistently watch good matches every week.

Now I can only wonder what the future brings.

Which reminds me, as seems to be customary recently tommorrow is the next WWE PPV called Elimination Chamber. To start we'll see a match in the "elimination chamber" for the WWE Championship as well as an "elimination chamber" match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. So this will be an important PPV, especially for the women's division of WWE.

So what's customary is that I will have a video up of the pre-show. I don't always do it, but it's something of thing that I have down for a while if not for the main roster WWE PPV but for the NXT TakeOver events as well.

And just think we're not that far away from this year's WrestleMania which takes place in New Jersey this year...

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