Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Been a while since reading 1Wrestling.com

Used to be the go to site for pro-wrestling news at least for me back when there was a WWF, WCW, and ECW. And saw this nice recap of last nite's Monday Night Raw.

And the latest NXT call-ups are interesting. Will Johnny Gargano lose his newly won NXT North American title to the Velveteen Dream (and I heard some spoilers)? Also what about Tomaso Ciampa and his NXT Championship will he be forced to relinquish his championship or otherwise lose it on a future episode of NXT.

Also what about the continuing schism between Gargano and Ciampa as former tag team partners as #DIY. I wish that could be resolved before Vince McMahon pretends their feud never happened.

And as long as McMahon runs WWE, Raw and SmackDown Live will always be his show!

Here's the Raw introduction to #DIY [VIDEO]

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