Friday, March 01, 2019

California high-speed to nowhere...

[VIDEO] Been hearing a lot about this high-speed train in California. The Sunshine State is full of financial and other issues and as well intended as this high-speed rail project is, it's just not necessary. It makes sense if according to this video it connected not only major cities within the state, but certainly connected people to job centers. Instead it would've been a monument to a governor who was looking to have a physical legacy.

And the interesting thing is, it took another Democrat to say lets rethink this. Do we really need this right now? Especially with all of our fiscal issues? Good going Gov. Gavin Newsome.

Jole Kotkin states that the real battle in the Democratic Party is between reality & fantasy. Question is where are the realists? The ones getting the attention currently is someone like an AOC who's the current darling of the left. Perhaps this train is a sign of this fantasy.

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