Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sen. John McCain dies

[VIDEO] He died on Saturday and it seemed not longer after his family announced that he was ending treatment of his brain cancer.

Today I just want to note that as his family mourns his passing I know he had opponents - politicians and voters alike - who are bringing up some of his shortcomings. Right now we're hearing everything from McCain was a war hero as he had been a prisoner for five years during the Vietnam War. We're also hearing about how he is a Republican in name only (RINO) and that he took some unpopular stands during his political career. Let's not forget as Republicans sought to destroy "Obamacare" he was the deciding vote that essentially kept it alive.

I can't stand the idea of a RINO - in which case I believe it's a counterproductive term especially in these so-called blue states of America. And also McCain is a politician ocassionally he will take unpopular stands though in the case of killing Obamacare perhaps his no vote was about Trump who had noted McCain's passing on his twitter. Too bad there are still reports of the President not exactly doing a whole lot to mourn the Arizona senator's death.

Well all the same, McCain ran for President twice and was the runner-up to President Barack Obama in 2008. I wasn't entirely upset that he lost the election, however, I did still have my doubts that America was in good hands with Obama. And even with all the bad stuff coming out with McCain within hours of his untimely demise, people notes how he will take stands, meet with the press, certainly give an answer or even provide an insight. So there are many things to admire about him other than his military service.

Right now, I'm disappointed that people are still treating his death as the time to talk about what they disagree with as far as his positions. Better yet they come in with their own questions about his character. It's really a shame!

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