Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Capitol Fax: Stop calling the cops for stupid stuff

[VIDEO] Saw this video from our local CBS affiliate earlier today. A parent had police and DCFS called on them because they only saw a child walking a dog. Sounds like someone was a busy-body and decided to cause some drama over it.

But to call authorities who can make an even bigger drama of this. DCFS those are the folks that can take children away and at least the police didn't see anything wrong here and moved along. Someone was willing to take this very far.

And the reason I'm sharing this and in keeping with the title of this post from Rich Miller's CapFax:
While looking out your house’s window in Wilmette you see a little girl walking her dog without any adults around. Do you 1) Ignore it because this is Wilmette and the kid is old enough to walk her own dog; 2) Go outside and ask the little girl if she’s OK because maybe she isn’t old enough and could’ve wandered off; or 3) Immediately call the cops? If you chose “3″ I just cannot understand you at all
Yes, I can't understand either. Perhaps add this to recurring meme from this summer people calling police for the smallest non-sensical reason. People BBQing in a park, sitting in a car reading a book, etc. I'm glad we have police, but they need to be out looking for the bad guys not checking out every single paranoid call! 

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