Thursday, July 12, 2018

Prager U: Why Britain Left the European Union

[VIDEO] Brexit happened over two years ago. On June 23, 2016 the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voted to leave the European union. Untile watching this Prager U ivdeo it wasn't something I understood.

Nigel Farage who is not only a member of the European Union Parliment, but a leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party and according to the Prager U description a leader in the "Brexit" movement. That means he largely lead the charge successful back in 2016 for the British nation to leave Europe's political and economic union. I can boil it down to British voters recognize that remaining in the EU wasn't in their best economic interests.

Which BTW, I've read that Donald Trump ascension to the Presidency later that year over former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was America's answer to Brexit. Question is in what ways, that I've yet to figure out!

Also in other news, British Prime Minister Teresa May has a new look cabinet over the Brexit question!

Also Trump has a NATO summit in Europe and well is shaking up things there.

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