Thursday, July 26, 2018

McDonald's cashier doesn't equal job security

I remember a few years I believed some erroneous reports that McDonald's was only considering those persons with a college degree for cashier positions at their stores. And now being a McDonald's cashier may not be as stable for a college grad anyway. Especially with the establishment most call Micky D's are installing these self-service ordering kiosks.

Some McDonald's stores in Chicago are seen with these kiosks. I've utilized them on occasion, especially if I don't have the need for human interaction. Not that this is a huge issue anyway the interaction is pretty quick anyway at least speaking for myself.

I've thought about this if having machines do menial jobs is increasingly the trend in the 21st century then here's an opportunity, someone has to maintain the machines. Being a fast food cashier is a job that allows anyone to make money and pay bills, it's not at all a reliable career. And this means one who is in such a role should be looking into future opportunities.

Just because you're a fast food cashier doesn't mean this is where you will remain until retirement!

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