Friday, July 27, 2018

Dave Ramsey on useless college degrees

[VIDEO] Actually I'm with him on this, we did go college education crazy in this country. There are degrees for things that would've been unthinkable years ago. Listen to a letter that Ramsey is going to read.

So the colonists offers some Native Americans the opportunity to send some of their young people to one of their colleges. Then they explain that what is expected of them in a European based school is different than what these natives expect of their own. You learn science away from the tribe, but then you miss out on learning how to hunt and become a warrior. You may learn so much English let's say, but the command of a native tongue might be lacking.

Then I could take this in another direction. The natives certain have their view of what their people should be educated on vs what the Europeans' expectation. Then I could wonder if the Europeans only goal was to radically change the order of Native American society.

BTW, I'm not trying to be very PC here usually I would interchange Native Americans with American Indians.

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