Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black unemployment rate

What helped this blog get noticed during the last decade was mostly racial stuff. Nothing too controversial just political stuff, local political stuff mainly. And for the most part I have gotten away from that.

Just bear in mind at any point in time this blog will cover anything that interests me at that moment. This may include tech, vacations, or politics. Which also means some of the more racial subjects may be covered over at my neighborhood/local issues blog The Sixth Ward.

I write this to say I want to share this post from there on Monday and it's from the CapFax about whether or not Illinois does have the highest unemployment rate among Blacks in the nation. We are in election season here in Illinois and it's definitely coming up in the governor's race. I'm sure it will be an issue in the 2019 Chicago mayor's race.

What Rich Miller seems to note however is that the headlines about having a high Black unemployment rate appears to be valid.

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