Thursday, May 24, 2018


[VIDEO] Last week, I saw Deadpool 2 in an early showing at about 7 PM. This was the first time I did so since seeing Justice League last year. I hadn't felt like going back home yet after getting off work earlier in the afternoon and just decided to go see this latest Marvel movie.

I had been surprised to find hours before buying a ticket that the early showings of Deadpool 2 hadn't sold out. It was my intention to see Avengers Infinity War early however no matter what theater those early showings from 7 PM onwards had been sold out. It's especially surprising since Deadpool came out two years ago and made some good money being a high grossing R-rated film. Though I can't say how the film did when it premiered in early showings. I do have to add there was a double feature at the theater I visited which was sold out that showed both the Deadpool films.

So anyway Deadpool 2 was a great movie. Deadpool is a mutant who is adept at causing mayhem and that's giving him a bit too much credit. You could say he's something of a ninja for hire with the ability to heal and generate after a severe injury. He goes around murdering bad guys and shows some heroic traits, however, he's not your typical superhero. You can say Deadpool is the ideal anti-hero. That is we can root for him, but he won't show the traits of other superheroes who the public identifies with such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Iron Man, Spiderman, Capt. America, Black Panther, etc.

We don't think of superheros as very sexual and clearly outside of the costume Deadpool is. Deadpool is a bit of a wiseass and often belts out four letter curses like candy - the cursing we don't attribute to superheroes. Deadpool sure likes to kill bad guys and that's definitely not the trait of a superhero although let's be honest some bad guys die at the hands of superheros. If it's not about killing them them someone a superhero is forced to kill a villain to save the day.

And besides to go to another superhero movie Batman Begins, was is right for Batman to leave Ras al Ghul to die in a crash of a monorail train? Batman said it himself he wasn't going to kill him, however, he doesn't have to save him and he didn't. I felt that was the most un Batman like thing even seen. Anyway....

A lot of unexpected moments in this movie and it was to be expected. A character I never expect to see on the big screen made his debut in this film, perhaps I should show the video well at the end. This time Deadpool attempts to save and redeem a young mutant who was being abused at an orphanage. Deadpool attempts to form a superhero team that largely doesn't survive. And again Deadpool fails to join the X-Men. LOL!

Now I want to see how the Deadpool series will top the first two now that there will be a Deadpool 3! This is how well Deadpool 2 did last week it toppled the recent Avengers film.

Now here's the character that appears in Deadpool 2 [VIDEO]

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