Thursday, April 19, 2018

Patti Blagojevich makes her plea to the President #twill

[VIDEO] I caught the tail end of this segment on Tuesday night. Illinois' former first lady Patti Blagojevich was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to essentially plead of her case to President Trump. On Tuesday her husband former Illinois governor Rod Blavojevich had his appeal denied by the US Supreme Court which all but assures that he will complete his sentence in federal custody.

Marathon Pundit wrote about this Tuesday night:
Blago's judge got it right, in my opinion. Even in graft-infested ILL-inois, public officials should be held to a hire standard. Besides, Blagojevich should know the law, after all, he's a former assistant Cook County state's attorney.
My opinion is that this sentence was harsh, but then I look at it as a function of Blago's need for attention. I can believe that Blago ticked off his judge and the prosecution. He probably did this long before his two trials in federal court especially with then US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and then at trial with federal judge Zagel.

Sometimes personal dislike drives a lot of these things, and I don't always like it. On the other hand if you don't want to be anyone's target always do right. In the case of Blago, don't think I want to know what he was thinking. He was who he was he proved it after almost six years as governor, he didn't change when he was facing time in federal prison. Perhaps right wasn't on his mind.

Although I do understand what Mrs. Blagojevich is doing for her husband. It's rough being married to a public figure and having children with him. It's especially rough if the kids are young when he first got arrested by the FBI and going through his trial. Also because of his penchant for publicity the spotlight at times was also on them. I'm sure Mrs. Blagojevich views Blago's long federal sentence as time away from his family.

As for Donald Trump who knows what he'll elect to do. Will Trump parole Blago because of his own connection to the TV show The Apprentice? Or will he use that TV connection to also deny Blago? We'll see if Mrs. Blagojevich's appeal is effective.

BTW, we know Trump often watches FOX News though most sources I've seen on this subject points to the fact that he watches Tucker Carlson.

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