Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Former First Lady Barbara Bush RIP

[VIDEO] To be honest,  I wanted to share a different video than this. However this is a story of national significance and wanted to note this here.

Mrs. Bush was the wife of the 41st POTUS George Herbert Walker Bush and the mother of the 43rd POTUS George W. Bush. I barely remember her time as our first as at the time I had been in grade school. I remember the dog Millie and more often than not she was certainly a grandmotherly figure and perhaps as a grade schooler I judged her by her appearance.

It's great to see the tributes to her from our current POTUS - who certainly has in his own way ran afoul of the Bush family. Just think about it Jeb! that was the poor former Florida governor's low-energy Bush for the former Florida governor. With a guy who has a penchant for punching and nicknames Jeb didn't have a chance.

Also MSNBC has often been maligned as a heavily left-wing news network and it's good to see them do this story of national significance the way it deserves to be done. I hope they would do it for the other first ladies because what ever roles they have with regards to the Presidency they've earned their stature. Barbara Bush surely has.

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