Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tucker: Washington not worried about male wage crisis

 Consider this a rare Sunday post as it's one of those days I have chosen to not post since starting to post more frequently in the last two months.

[VIDEO] A regular segment on FOX News' Tucker Carlson Tonight. I shared the initial edition with an interview from Canadian professor Jordan Peterson last week. The segment you see above aired on Tucker's program on Wednesday.

The focus are the types of jobs that are male dominated which are mainly blue-collar jobs that it could be said are at risk due to automation. As a result if you're a blue-collar man you may not be getting those high-paying jobs that perhaps your father or grandfather did years ago. As stated by Tucker when men's wages decline families fall apart...

Of course there's more to this, if men aren't getting high paying jobs they don't form families. Right now the policy is all about solving the issue of equal pay for men and women. Not that this is entirely problematic, women should be paid for the same work as men. Problem is men aren't getting into jobs that are high-paying especially high-paying blue-collar jobs.

I want to break this down to race though I don't want to over complicate my comments. My favorite refrain has been if there is a crisis of men in America, then this by default means there is a crisis for Black men. So does this wage crisis - or men's wages are going down because those high-paying blue collar jobs are starting to go away - affecting Black men and their families also?

That's a question to ponder?

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