Monday, March 12, 2018

Mancow on the sale of "The Loop"

The sale of the frequency for WLUP - The Loop at 97.9 FM - to a Christian broadcast company was a shock to many listeners who followed the long time rock station. Usually I would listen to Mancow in the mornings for roughly the last three years. That's the extent of my time as part of The Loop's audience.

Mancow Muller is a long time radio jock whom I've listened to since the 1990s. His show is enjoyable, but as I've also learned over the years this is a type or broadcast where you might need to put your feelings in your pocket. You may ascribe to some of his views, however, Mancow is outspoken and sometimes you may not always like his views.

And of course he's outspoken about what happened to The Loop and perhaps his future on the radio.  Mancow up until maybe 2010 or so had actually been off the air in Chicago since about 2006. You might have heard him on WLS-AM and then he had a simulcast show on WPWR 50 until 2014. He also formerly until 2006 worked for WKQX or Q101 which in his appearance on Windy City Live Mancow says could be gone soon also.

Q101 & The Loop were owned by the same company whom unfortunately are going into bankruptcy. Which is the main reason why WLUP is being sold. Below is Mancow on our local ABC affiliate program Windy City Live.

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