Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stossel: The Philly Soda Tax Scam

[VIDEO] I was somewhat hoping that John Stossel would also bring up the now abolished soda tax enacted here in Cook County last summer. Of course the justification of the tax is slightly different but then not really. Gov't wants more tax money to spend on their projects so one of the things this soda tax in Philadelphia, PA was supposed to fund arts programs for youth. Yeah our youth needs exposure to arts and creativity though is this an effective use of tax dollars?

As far as Cook County we were told the expected revenues from this soda tax would benefit the county health care system. Also we were told that the expected revenue was suppose to stave off any job layoffs from the county. Of course with taxes like this the only results have been that the revenue projects made were going to be short. Let's not forget the city's projects on the grocery bag tax was short of expectations also.

BTW, it's very clever to see Sen. Bernie Sanders speak about taxes that prove to be regressive to the poor. It was also clever to note the number of taxes a resident of Philadelphia has to say of course state & federal taxes. Here's an article about delinquent taxes in Philly.

Bottom line is that whatever the politicians expect us to pay back to the gov't it seems it's rarely enough. Depending upon the tax people will change their behavior to avoid paying their share. In the case of pop, they go into another jurisdiction where there is no tax. If the gov't insists on taxing cigarettes to discourage smoking they do the same. Don't like income taxes find a state that doesn't charge an income taxes.

Regardless budget shortfalls what's the solution? It's rarely cut services or jobs it's raise more taxes. Not that I relish anyone losing their job gov't or otherwise however how much more taxes can our politicians expect us to have to pay up?

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