Monday, March 26, 2018

Forbes: Ten Ways To Build Trust On Your Team

I've aspired during my work career to become a manager and learned what my managers do especially as far as processes and dealing with people. Basically I know what I'd do and also learned what not to do, which certainly includes what I've observed some of my managers doing. With that said, some of those managers never really showed how to build a team.

Yeah you can hire people and onboard them and train them, but in my experiences many have no idea how to work with people. Perhaps no matter what you do that may not go away entirely and one may have work to do with workers who have found their first job. However, this Forbes list shows you how to build your team.

Even if I don't become a manager for an established business these are lessons I could use for any entrepreneurial endeavor for myself down the road. Especially if this tweet written yesterday becomes my reality.

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