Sunday, March 25, 2018

Business Insider: We shopped at Costco and Sam's Club to see which is better

Why am I posting this? Well I've been thinking about this and this article stirred my thinking on this. What would make it worth my while to pay a membership fee to buy in bulk for everyday items that I could use the most? And of course to check out their electronics selection.

I want to note that it's been over a decade since I ever stepped foot in a Sam's Club - I've never set foot in a Costco although there are several in the Chicago area. I bought me a small box of Dentyne ice chewing gum and a bulk box of cereal. At the time my mother had a guest membership however she never saw the point and chose not to join.

She couldn't justify it because she really doesn't have a huge family to worry about. The prices might be great, however, he might be looking at all the bulk and knowing her should couldn't justify buying so much. Though I don't have a family perhaps I have similar reasons on the other hand it's important to weigh all the options.

I don't really care about eating as I shop. What I could get at a regular grocery store well some of those items don't last as long and how long would a bulk box of cereal last. Perhaps there are some items that I couldnt live without that I would use every day like soap - bulk soap would be a good purchase.

Electronics, perhaps I don't want an expensive TV though I do remember a few years ago I could buy a whole PC with monitor at a Sam's Club. That probably would cost less than say going to Best Buy or Dell. I wonder what I could find today at Sam's Club.

You know this me an idea for another post for later on down the road. That also means I need to find my way to a Costco also!

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