Thursday, February 22, 2018

Jeff Jarrett in the WWE Hall of Fame????

Actually seeing this tweet on Monday it's actually going to happen the weekend of Wrestlemania
In the mid to late 1990s Jeff Jarrett had two stints in the then World Wrestling Federation and also had stints in World Championship Wrestling. WCW was bought in 2001 by one Vince McMahon and decided to engage in this form of good TV [VIDEO]
For years I've heard there was bad blood from when Jeff Jarrett ended his second stint with WWF as he was said to have held up the WWF Intercontinental title for more money. Jarrett's contract had just ran out and WWF officials failed to get the title off of him. So Jarrett had one more PPV and was pinned by Chyna allowing her to become the first woman IC champ.

All the same Jarrett went on to main event WCW during the waning days of that company. Then created the closest competitor McMahon's WWE has since it bought WCW, it's an organization now called Impact Wrestling. Though when Jarrett started the organization with his father it was known as Total Nonstop Action and in the early days was affiliated with a longtime organization known as the National Wrestling Alliance.

Of course things change and ultimately Jarrett is no longer affiliated with Impact then he started Global Force Wrestling which seemed to become part of Impact - though it appears that didn't happen ultimately. And now all the sudden something happened where Jarrett becomes a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Most fans including myself never saw this happening. Perhaps even Jarrett himself [VIDEO]
Many have theorized that gradually McMahon is relingquishing control of WWE to the next generation i.e. Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon -Vince's progeny. Also Stephanie is the wife of WWE legend Triple H who basically created a program called NXT to train the next generation of WWE superstars. And now another sign of that shift Jarrett is going to be in hall of fame.

You know the signal this sends. It means perhaps there are more plans for Jarrett. Maybe he won't be on the road full-time, but usually if you have this distinction this means you're part of the fold again. Perhaps appearances on WWE programming, perhaps a DVD set, perhaps a few more matches because it's possible Jarrett can still wrestle and is ready to go today! I suppose we'll have to see as of now, the main thing is when Wrestlemania weekend comes, he's going to get his ring!

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