Thursday, February 22, 2018

Billy Graham RIP

[VIDEO] I had to tweet out about any negatives being said about the famed evangelist who died on Wednesday at 99 years of age. He's been considered a racist which if I believe his wiki profile is baloney - especially if he wanted integrated revivals and bailed out civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King. Then of course comes out that he's homophobic, anti-semitic, or even xenophobic.

Unfortunately all these opinions and other negative ideas people seem to hold about America - or their fellow Americans for that matter - were out in force on social media yesterday. You can check out this article from the Daily Dot to see what people wrote about on Twitter following Graham's death.

Here's a tweet that shows some other things that people could attack Graham for. Of course for most of them I might not really be harsh about. I may not like a minister who makes a living off of the faith of his congregation, however, what does one do when their ministry just grows. Of course I do sometimes wish for less of an integration so to speak between religion and politics.
Here's another tweet shared yesterday where I share Graham's wiki page that shows in the intro that he wanted integrated revivals and bailed out Dr. King during his civil rights activism.
Beyond all this Graham was blessed and I hope he does get to ask that higher power, why was he blessed with the gifts that he used through his life. Perhaps that should be the questions we all ask.

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