Monday, May 22, 2017

What about these DNC leaks?

[VIDEO] The above clip aired on FOX News earlier this month. It's very funny how we're still talking about the election. A huge swath of this nation - including Hillary Clinton herself - are still wondering how they lost the Presidency it was supposed to be a sure thing.

In light of the 2016 presidential results we hear a lot about interference by Russian hackers and now a wrinkle to this theory. A young DNC staffer who had been murdered may have leaked information from the DNC to wikileaks.

I first hear about this last week and posted a quick blurb at E.M. and then wondered: why would someone inside the Democratic Party undermine their party and their nominee for President?

Unfortunately we'll never know the answer to that as Seth Rich was murdered outside of his home in Washington, DC. There are some people are there who claimed they have contact with him before his death and was likely who he sent the information to. And hopefully they'll know why he leaked this information.

One conclusion everyone has come to if they believe this story...the Russians didn't provide this information regarding Mrs. Clinton's e-mails as our former Secretary of State or e-mails from the leadership of the Democratic Party. It was more of an internal operation no foreign influence at all!

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