Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 in the DC Extended Universe

Next month the next film from the DC Comics' Extended Universe will be released - Wonder Woman - starring Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot's rendition of this comic book heroine debuted in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. You will see a trailer for it below. [VIDEO]

As of now we are three movies into the DC Extended Universe and all of them have made money. Problem is all of them aren't exactly critically acclaimed. Batman v. Superman which is the second installment of this franchise seemed to have gotten the worst treatment from fans.

Personally it was a great Batman movie and surprisingly Ben Affleck did a great job portraying the caped crusader even if the story was lacking. Batman v. Superman is actually supposed to be a sequel to Man of Steel - the first installment of this franchise - however this story never seemed to be about Superman. If nothing else it was a response to Superman's arrival, debut on Earth, and essentially after fighting General Zod - a fellow Kryptonian - Batman's response to the man of steel.

Man of Steel wasn't bad itself that film too lacked in story, however, at least it was about the origin of Superman. Metropolis took a serious beating in this film being at the epicenter of an attempt to terraform Earth for the Kryptonians. Regardless the cool part of this movie is that we see how powerful an individual Superman and of course he wasn't always the boy scout we expected him to be. He's still however genuinely good.

The most recently installment was Suicide Squad. Basically a team of supervillians under the employ of the villainous Amanda Waller to be an expendable team of bad guys doing the right thing. In this one Harley Quinn joins the mainstream DC universe - she previously was a character of the Batman animated series from the 1990s. And we have a new Joker even if he wasn't part of the Suicide Squad.

As far as opening weekends the DC movies have done well unfortunately not enough for people to want to watch the movies beyond that. Especially if word of mouth goes around that many believe these movies aren't that good.

I'm hoping that the fourth and fifth installment of the extended universe will learn from the shortcomings of the first three installments. Looking forward to Wonder Woman next month and by the holiday season Justice League for which you will also see a trailer below. [VIDEO]

BTW, I've been watching some YouTube videos speculating on the shortcomings of DC movies in some respects many were spot on. In others I sometimes wonder if they're off-base. What do you all think?

I found one article about the top five things they like about the DC movies.

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