Tuesday, April 25, 2017


[VIDEO] Last week on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson debated a young woman from Western Kentucky University that supported a student resolution to call for free tuition for Black students as a reparation for slavery. I first posted this video with other links regarding this particular story over at E.M. hopefully you'll check them out.

To start honestly my position on this issue isn't particularly clear. In some respects I'm opposed to reparations for the descendants of slaves. In other respects, reparations are a good thing if they prove to be beneficial towards those affected individuals.

On this blog over a decade ago I mentioned that historically Black colleges could be considered a reparation. Many of these schools - Howard, Morehouse & Spelman for example - were founded after the Civil War to educate the newly freed Black population of America. Many of these schools either founded by governments or by white missionaries.

My thing is reparations are OK if Black America could truly benefit from them. Not just a simple check for one person to do with as they please. I mean truly use any reparations to create new opportunities for a very disadvantaged portion of the American population.

Education is an issue for many Black people, I would dare say public education hasn't served many "minority" students very well. Perhaps reparations can create K-12 schools that would truly serve "minority" students and provide the education that are missing from public schools.

Perhaps building wealth and upgrading Black communities. Reparations to build up vacant lots and abandoned buildings. Reparations that would allow people to open up their businesses and hopefully succeed in their ventures.

Another possibility scholarships to get more Blacks into the desired STEM fields. And then why stop at STEM, perhaps encourage Blacks to go into fields where there aren't many of us. Perhaps into business or law or perhaps even go into higher education and pursue terminal degrees.

So many ideas with this, but what concerns me is the fact that the American taxpayer will pay the reparations to people who are no longer around who really deserve them. I'm certainly a few generations behind those individuals who were directly affected by slavery. No one in America today should pay for the sins of a different government over 150 years ago who allowed the owning of other human beings and their abuse.

I often tend to doubt that those who are proponents of reparations want to really benefit the community. Perhaps there are those who only want their cut of any money. At least we can continue to debate this issue and my hope is that the discussion will truly be about upgrading the future of Blacks in America.

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