Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tiny houses for the homeless

[VIDEO] The video I'm sharing with you was shown over at E.M. It showed one man's attempt at alleviating the homeless problem in Los Angeles. He calls them houses I call them sheds and these are structures which often are on the sidewalk or on a street. Well there isn't a private property to places these structures on.

Let me level with you, I have the absolute worst expectations of homeless people. My current job has odd hours that includes being on the CTA L in the early morning hours and often - especially during winter - the homeless are stretched out on the train sleeping. I don't like it, but how much resources are going to be dedicated towards keeping them off of CTA trains?

So this struggling musician you see here being interviewed, I support his own grassroots efforts to help the homeless of LA. For those who appreciate these small houses it gave them something. Problem is the city officials wanted to rebuff this solution to the point where the personal effects of these individuals were seized with these houses and no opportunity to collect them.

Last summer one part of my vacation was spent in this area known as Skid Row. I even have a picture of it and will show you below. I was at an Los Limousines bus station waiting to ride to Las Vegas. It was a patently unpleasant experience with the smell of urine in the air. On the other hand really sad to see so many people out on the streets in such a prosperous city as Los Angeles
What I will say regarding this issue is that if I could, my goal would be the provide resources so that we can provide these houses for homeless people in any city. Preferably on vacant lots not on streets and sidewalks. Hopefully we can provide those individuals with the services they need to improve their lot.

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