Thursday, December 01, 2016

To lighten the mood

[VIDEO] Time to lighten the mood around these parts from the election to a dead mall to a death of a Head of State Dictator. Perhaps we need a little humor around here.

Back in the early 1990s when I was a young buck, Nick at Nite aired an original series called On the Television. Basically it was a pseudo critic show as two critics which I liken to Siskel & Ebert types who review a variety of TV programs. Most of the programs were essentially satires of the TV programs of the time.

The program itself hasn't been seen on TV at all in a while because I learned due to some bankruptcies and other economics the show proved expensive to even air in syndication. Thankfully a few of the satirical TV programs or more accurately sketches were uploaded to YouTube almost a decade ago.

Some of them are quite hilarious and some of them are in my humble opinion quite unwatchable. The sketch you see above involves game show rules. The first one was just dumb explaining heads or tails.

The second one was confusing and was very funny as a result. Even the contestants aren't sure how to play that game.

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