Saturday, February 27, 2016

Decision 2016

The primaries this year have provided very interesting returns. Those candidates who didn't have great political experience such as Donald Trump are getting ahead. Bernie Sanders a long-time socialist who served in both the US House and Senate is edging Hillary Clinton in his contest.

It's hard for me to say who will be the nominee this year because no one is entirely palatable. Trump is someone I can respect as a businessman but as a politician well he leaves a lot to be desired and he's never held office. As a public personality - that is we know who Trump is thanks to his TV shows or even some of his personal exploits - he's definitely getting some traction.

Were there more palatable people I would vote for President...yes. They may not get the nomination unfortunately the closest to whom I would like to see as President is Ohio Governor John Kasich but he may not get close.

As for the Democrats neither Sanders nor the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are what I prefer. Interesting thing about that contest Sanders - who I've learned in 74 years old - is gaining traction among the very young voters. Hillary seems to be gaining traction among elderly voters.

As far as who I believe is most palatable is former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley - is he even still in the race we've heard nothing from him. Nevermind he suspended his campaign after his performance in the Iowa caucuses, had little idea.

I realized something for the most part from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush America has mostly elected state governors to the White House. Perhaps I can't get that out of my expectations even if it's not a requirement. Unfortunately Americans aren't going for former state governors. They're going for a Secretary of State, a businessman, and a socialist. Then we can consider the conservative US Senator from the State of Texas Ted Cruz.

This has turned so far into the oddest Presidential campaign in my lifetime. Americans are going for something different this year. I wonder if political scientists are all over this race.

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