Monday, February 22, 2016

Liberal Activism Is Giving Students Panic Attacks, Depression, Failing Grades

At Morehouse, I was never an activist and plus if I decided to speak on an issue it would be easy to blow me off because I'm an unknown. With that being said at Brown University - via Reason - student activists are suffering from falling grades to other issues due to their activism. Then this final point:
But there's a problem with that idea: when separated from their precious campus safe spaces, ex-students might encounter some actual injustices in the real world (police brutality, the War on Drugs, warrantless government spying, unauthorized foreign interventions—you name it). And I'm just not sure people who burst into tears every time they encounter some mild pushback on a relatively trivial issue—like an offensive column—are ready to turn pro.
I suppose there are plenty of activists out there who aren't ready to turn pro.

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