Sunday, November 16, 2014

I've started to wonder something lately...

I've often found myself very concerned about my job hunting streak which ended last month. While I'm still learning my new position it something hits me.

No matter what you think you want to do there are always risks and trade-offs. Some have found another job found it not to be the right fit or otherwise it doesn't seem to work out. Then they quit and find something else.

You start a new job and you find out it wasn't the right fit for whatever skills you might have or even your personality. That does happen sometimes and what also happens is that eventually if you stay with a job long enough it will change on you inspite of your time and it's no longer a good fit.

Then what do you do?

Well they say the time to fit in at a job is at least 90 days. That's fine, but it's not often that someone may find a job a bad fit within the first week or first month or so. In fact, I honestly felt that way about another job I had once it was badly organized and the fit of ego in me is convinced that I could've organized that place better.

Either way if you feel this way after 90 days or you feel this way after a week it's always necessary to keep looking. When I finally got a job offer after so much time of looking to be honest I didn't really respond to anyone else. Sometimes that's a mistake because who knows where else the opportunity comes in.

BTW, this sets up another post but that will wait for another time.

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