Friday, November 21, 2014

Bring back Illinois' governor's mansion
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I may have written about this a few times and now it's time to talk about it again.

Over the years, the issue of the Governor of Illinois living in Springfield the state capital has come up from time to time. Our Ousted governor - convicted felon Rod Blagojevich - chose to avoid staying there during his time in office. His successor and former Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn made noise about staying in the governor's mansion in Springfield although it appears he didn't follow through.

Now that we will have a new governor next January this issue has come up again. Governor-elect Bruce Rauner has pledged to use private funds to fully restore Illinois' Governor's mansion. Reportedly the mansion is a victim of a leaking roof and a flooding basement.

[VIDEO] The video above from the The State Journal-Register out of Springfield is from almost five years ago regarding the state of the governor's mansion. You can also watch this video from the Illinois Channel regarding the governor's mansion.

BTW, for the Illinois Channel program you made need to download a java plug-in. Unfortunately they have yet to upload that program to their YouTube channel and I hope they do even if this program was from almost 5 years ago.

Anyway, there is a perception that those who must work in Springfield especially our many election officials from the executive branch to the General Assembly to the state Supreme Court they want to get out of there when their work is down. It's as if there's nothing down there to keep them downstate.

Although it's not like Springfield has literally nothing. Personally all I've done is pass through the state capital back and forth when I've taken Amtrak trips to Dallas, Texas. It's one of my goals to visit this historic city and there's no excuse since I don't even have to leave this state.

As a matter of fact when Conan O'Brien came to Chicago a few years ago he paid a visit to Springfield. He's a confessed Abraham Lincoln admirer and that figured in his visit then.

Let's hope Governor-elect Rauner will spend as much time in Springfield to "bring back Illinois".

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