Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Kill the Messenger"

You know I've recently became aware of the new Hollywood release Kill the Messenger. The film is based on a true story of Gary Webb who was an investigative reporter from the San Jose Mercury News uncovering evidence of CIA involvement with drug traffickers. Of course we learn that it was blown out of proportion by others in the media and perhaps elements of the Black community who believed the CIA was trafficking drugs into Black communities.

Either way I have little idea what to believe with this story. I've heard this story for many years and unsure whether to believe it or not. And now I recognize that well a man was about to lose his reputation, livelihood, and even his marriage in pursuit of this story.

Now I truly empathize with Gary Webb especially since I've learned he's no longer with us having been found dead in 2004 with two bullets to the head (his death was ruled a suicide). In doing some basic research it's been claimed that his findings were ultimately vindicated posthumously.

I can only wonder if the "Messenger" film only has further sparked the debate over Webb's findings or even whether or not journalists are willing to risk everything for a story that must be told.

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