Thursday, October 09, 2014

The odd streak has ended...

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You know often I've been so tempted to use sports analogies in discussing my experience job hunting these last two years. Indeed during most of my adult life. Still it's truly great to know that well I have found success and gotten some results.

Years ago when I really first started job hunting and it was during the period that I was out of Morehouse early in the 2000s the theme was "still looking". Every time I got a rejection in the snail mail I heard the words in my mind echo - "still looking".

When I think of that period I'm reminded for example that the former baseball player Barry Bonds was still looking for his world series. I could've sworn that during the World Series when he played for the San Francisco Giants those were the words of FOX Sports baseball play-by-play man Joe Buck. Bonds was "still looking" for that world series ring.

Now I'm no longer looking! Very ecstatic to know that well someone is out there ready to hire me onto their team. Perhaps I'll never entirely stop job-hunting because I'm very sure there are plenty of opportunities. For those of you who are "still looking" the job is coming just hold the course get all the help you can and stay focused.

As for the sports analogy, many things in sports are boiled down to stats. Perhaps stats as complicated as ERA or batting average in baseball. Lately I've been used the idea of 0 for this, that or another. In this case so far my average is now 1 for 14. 1 for 14 are you serious over a two year period.

Granted perhaps there are people who got more interviews than me out there will the same success rate. It could be 1 for 100 over two years who knows.

Finally, if this was on video tape or otherwise broadcast I imagine graphics and the play-by-play noting that the "streak has finally ended". All the frustration has to cease and now there is something to move forward with.

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