Sunday, September 07, 2014

LinkedIn: Don't Change Your Name; Change Your Attitude

Zack Isaacs writes another post over at LinkedIn's The Pulse. It basically is Zack's opinion on a recent HuffPost article about Jose who changed his name to Joe and began getting more responses to his applications - I shared this on Wednesday. The idea, is it really about a name or is it about attitude? What do you think about what Zack writes?


Gerard said...

It's an interesting theory. You would think a more distinctive name would attract more attention, but I guess that could be a negative as well. I always have trouble with cover letters/resumes. Trying to make yourself "stand out" without offending any potential employers seems like a losing proposition.

Zach Isaacs said...

Follow up: I went to Mariano's grocery store later that day.

The cashier-- named Parease-- caught my attention due to her Lupita Nyong'o type beauty and her name.

While some parents should shy from Parease, I'm glad that hers didn't.

Sometimes a unique name can help you stand.

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