Tuesday, September 09, 2014

And we've got a new iPhone model...

Apple's newest devices were unveiled today. I'm not as excited about the so-called iWatch as much as the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. I still own an iPhone 4S which is to be discontinued however a slimmer device with a larger screen interests me.

The idea of a "watchphone" or "smartwatch" is interesting although I've yet to figure out how it works. Thankfully it won't be out soon enough as it's a little expensive. The extra time between now and 2015 makes it convenient for me to save money so that I can purchase such a device.
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The next thing we might need is something resembling a Star Trek combadge. Think about Star Trek communicators they had flips, then wrist communicators, and then eventually combadges. Yo Apple, where are our combadges!?!?!

BTW, even with the "iWatch" I still want to find an old-school Star Trek communicator perform some technical feats and turn it into a speakerphone. That be a cool feat regardless and very cool especially if you don't feel like keeping the phone to your ear. Better yet, cool if you don't want to wear a bluetooth device or headphones.

Regardless as per my usual tradition I want to feel one of these new iPhones before I make a purchase. What that means is that there's no way that I'm waiting in line just to be the first in my town to have the new iPhone. It's never that worth it for a device that seems to have a new edition come out every year or so.

It may take some getting used to a larger phone, however, the fact that it's much thinner than previous models will make this a palatable purchase for me. I give up some thickness, but with a much larger phone lengthwise. It's an interesting tradeoff.

ALSO, the idea of a "phablet" - the 6 plus is a phablet - is not entirely understood by me. It may well work for those who want a much larger screen than the iPhone 6, but if that's what I'm looking for I'll just get an iPad. At that get a wifi iPad and make sure you turn your new iPhone into a personal wifi hotspot!

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