Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's going on in Ferguson, Missouri???

To be honest, I haven't really been following closely the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. After the shooting death of an unarmed Black teenaged male by police there there have been some unrest there. I've seen a number of social media blurbs on this situation so far, but not followed very closely.

I found out via Reason that a St. Louis, Missouri Alderman - Antonio French - who had been tweeting about the unrest had been arrested. This is news to me because I've followed Ald. French for a number of years now although not always consistent.

Ald. French once operated a political/urban website PubDef before he had been elected to the St. Louis Board of Alderman in 2009. He probably was following the unrest as the journalist he had been known as before becoming a public official. That I can respect, unfortunately he was sent to jail for it.

BTW, I found an article that stated that he was freed from police custody. The reason for the arrest according to him, he didn't listen. HMMM!

I'm only now attempting to figure out what happened in Ferguson. So I don't want to comment, but it was stated that this teen had been unarmed which makes this puzzling. So why did this young man get shot?

Then I thought about what happened in New York with another Black man being manhandled by police and he gets choked to death. Not entirely certain what happened there but somehow this man caught the attention of police there.

These are seemingly both cases of excessive force and unfortunately both of them involved Black men. Both of these cases got noticed by users of social networking and causing controversy. I hope the facts come out and hopefully things will calm down in Ferguson.

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