Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

To be honest, I hadn't thought a whole lot of Robin Williams lately. Yet this recent news of his death by suicide had come as a shock. That makes this news even more sad!

Robin Williams had been in the public eye for almost 40 years. I remember his Mork & Mindy TV series and he's known for the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. As a matter of fact that movie annoyed me so much the two times that my nephews had come to Chicago and it seemed that was the only movie they wanted to watch.

Of course there were other movies he was in. I liked One Hour Photo when I saw it years ago and he's also known for Dead Poets Society and Good Morning Vietnam. I also remember him from Popeye and he played the title character.

He also had a TV series recently that got cancelled titled, The Crazy Ones. He was always busy and provided humorous memories not only to us his fans and admirers, but to surely his friends and family. It truly has to be sad to them.

This brings me to this point.

We never know what causes people to come to this point. Hopefully this brings greater awareness to mental illness or more accurately depression. There are people who are suffering through depression or any other mental illness.

To be sure, this condition is dangerous as you may never know what darkness lies inside of people and whether or not it surfaces. For example, the darkness could cause someone to harm themselves of others and even if they only harm themselves it's certainly would be hard on those who truly know them. The unfortunate thing is whether or not anyone could bring them out of this darkness.

Another issue with mental illness is probably hard to comprehend. We may know something is wrong, but do THEY know. With mental illness the person in question may not realize there is a problem they think they're normal and may believe something is wrong with everyone else.

All the same it's not my role to play psychologist with regards to Robin Williams. We also know that he has issues with substance abuse, but as it turns out he had been having problems. It has been noted that he also had been seeking treatment for depression so this isn't entirely new news.

The only thing anyone can hope is that anyone is suffering from anytime of mental illness seek treatment. And here's hoping that lives would be saved by this awareness and encouraging people to seek treatment.

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