Sunday, August 03, 2014

So families depending less on student loans for a college education

Well, it's certainly a good thing that I see this article. Just read the blockquotes provided by Instapundit and suggests that college families are relying less on student loans these days for school. In addtion, American universities are attempting to lure students with grants and scholarships and relying less on loans.

Wow, our universities are stepping up the plate with their own offers and parents of prospective college students are making sure they're getting the best deals (dicker). It drives the point home that parents and students know that going to a unversity isn't much different than finding the best deal on a automobile or a house.

It reminds me of how unfamiliar I was with financial aid when I first started going to college. I believed that the FAFSA would pay for everything but was very unaware of what they actually offered. That was me being naive and possibly having an entitlement mentality.

That said, if this is something any young person wants find a way to make it happen and make sure it's what you want. A college degree is too expensive to merely flip, flop, and flounder!

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