Tuesday, July 08, 2014

So the Mayor of Chicago backs a higher minimum wage

While I found several articles on this issue, I decided to watch this video from our local ABC affiliate. I posted my own footage for a Fight for 15 rally last year, this group wants minimum wage to go up $15/hour.

And while Mayor Emanuel may just be doing this politically, I don't understand why getting minimum wage up to $13 as recommended is still not enough for Fight for 15. Well they are advocates who want what they want so they're doing their jobs I suppose. Then again it only opens up another argument.

If $8.25/hr isn't enough at least in this state or $7.25 isn't enough nationally, what is enough? What would be satisfactory for mimimum wage workers or at least those who want to make more money.

Whether you raise the price floor to $13, $15, or even $100 an hour nothing will change the fact that we're talking about starter jobs. These jobs will help you gain work experience and you learn skills that should last you a lifetime. And hopefully you work hard and you will get raises or even a promotion.

Although I also understand where some of this comes from. Perhaps a lot of these minimum wage workers some of whom maybe active in Fight for 15 are working dead end jobs and haven't been able to make a move because of the job market.

You know raising the minimum wage may be the right track but because businesses care about making money this may be the wrong move.

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