Sunday, July 06, 2014

Gizmodo: My Month With 2004's Most Exciting Phone

Wow! The Motorola Razr from 2004 was the most exciting phone of its time. It certainly was a nicely designed phone and 10 years later it's a flip supplanted by these so-called smartphones. Imagine still using a Razr in 2014 even after using a smartphone especially an iPhone.

And then it hits me, if you use certain services such as AT&T it's difficult to switch to another phone just by placing the SIM card into the other phone. When I upgraded to the BlackBerry early in this decade I learned I couldn't just move the SIM back to my Razr. And the iPhone would make that more difficult.

Still at least this reporter for Gizmodo tried it and well refers to this experience as "razr burn" (via Instapundit). Ya know I could believe it as most flips doesn't have the amenities of a smartphone. While the camera phone was a great idea when it was first manufactured back it became common it wasn't like today's camera phones.

Still now I would like to try for a month with merely a flip phone like I used to. BTW many of the mobile pics taken between 2007 to about 2009 were from my own Motorola Razr.

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