Friday, July 25, 2014

So could Mayor Rahm Emanuel lose in 2015???

Lately it seems the press in Chicago seems ready to defeat Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I recognize that when Rahm came into office in 2011 he was hitting the ground running on the many problems that his predecessor Mayor Richard M. Daley left him.

The current Mayor has to tackle violence in Chicago's neighborhoods, the Chicago Public Schools, financing city government, and even this so-called food desert. There were a lot of issues to tackle with more on the plate for sure!

Now people want to run against this mayor. No known names just yet a community activist from Chicago's west side and a former Chicago alderman who has long been a political player in Chicago. So far being floated in Chicago is a current Chicago alderman who was mapped out of his ward and a teacher's union head whom Rahm famously feud before, after, and during a recent teacher's strike. And who knows there may well be more seeking election to the Mayor's office.

You know what the more the merrier. Because I keep hearing stories about how unpopular the mayor is right now and at that wishes that New York style progressive politics could show up in Chicago I've had to take some notice. Besides it's almost funny that as a Democrat Rahm Emanuel is seen as a mayor for the 1% as the typical propaganda of Democrats being for the common man.

To start do I think Rahm Emanuel could get re-elected next year, yes. In my mind he's still a heavy favorite although I've been forced to amend my prediction. Now it's possible that the mayor could be the first to have to face a run-off election. Now could he still win, yes but his path to re-election is likely more difficult next year.

In 2011 Rahm won the election with 55% of the vote is it possible he won't get anywhere near that this time, YES. The more who runs against this mayor the better, however, I do hope they have a plan markedly different than the own currently implemented.

BTW, over at the Ward Room - via NBC Chicago - now they want illustrate how the mayor despite his fundraising advantage could still lose in 2015. As a matter of fact to illustrate this point they used the campaign of the current mayor of Newark, New Jersey who was able to beat the establishment candidate in spite of a financial disadvantage.

Could any candidate for mayor be able to overcome that with Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

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Zach Isaacs said...

Don't believe everything you read.

While Mayor Emanuel could do much better job, there are forces in place to keep him in office. We must work to improve voter engagement in Chicago before fantasizing about replacements for mayor.

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