Sunday, January 05, 2014

Year Nine

Last month I wrote a blog about writing on this blog. It seems like it was just an excuse to post since at times it seems that there is some sluggishness regarding me writing here. There are some things I want to note in this current post.

Let's start with the fact that now that we're in the first month of the new year 2014, we have effectively entered into the ninth year of this blog. WOW! So nine years ago, I started this blog while still studying at Morehouse College.

The first post here at that time alluded to the main purpose of this blog which was to primarily discuss political issues. The point was never to turn this into an online diary although hey my personal life has crept into this blog from time to time. More recently it's as much the work world as it is anything else.

The early days I did want to focus mainly on conservatism or Republicanism. That was at that point in time what I was oriented towards. These days it's hard for me to say what I believe in although my belief is in common sense.

To be sure there are a lot of issues to be passionate about even today. I may often focus on Chicago, Illinois or even domestic policy in America, but there are certainly other issues of interest to be talked about here.

Another focus of this blog was in some respects regarding race. Not that I'm an expert of all things racial, but the idea that all Blacks must me of like mind on political issues needs to cease. Not all blacks are left wing and those who just don't agree there's really no need for ostracism. Besides there are many issues to touch upon but not one single solution whether left or right wing.

Now that it we have reached another milestone here at It's My Mind now it's time to consider where this blog is headed in the future. Where should we go next and on what courses shall we continue?

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