Thursday, January 02, 2014

Republicans score one in Chicago

It seems like a defeat of something of a maneuver in Chicago politics. The city has become so dominated by Democrats in recent years that in some parts there is a need to show some form of token opposition amongst other parties.

More times than not, a Republican might stick his/her neck out and likely knowing full well that they're not going to win the election. They'll be the token opposition but who knows feel better about being the only one who actually takes on an entrenched incumbent who just so happens to be a Democrat.

Sometimes as in the case of the Republican opponent of Illinois House speaker Michael Madigan who this year is running for re-election to his own seat in the state House of Representatives sometimes the Republican opponent can be a plant for the prevailing Democratic machine. See there are a lot of stories out there about how the machine is able to continue to perpetuate itself and this is just one example amongst many.

Of course in the case of this Republican, a man named Terrance Goggin, he was forced to withdraw as the city's Republican organization elected to challenge his petitions. Madigan's operatives were expected to testify at a petition hearing with the Chicago Board of Elections over petition signatures. And of course this wasn't Goggin's first run for state rep. against Michael Madigan.

And of course there were other Republicans who not only have never been seen or heard from such as Goggin, but they never fundraise nor did they actually set up campaign committees. Like I said this is something that's been done for years by many powerful Chicago Democrats.

This time around however local Republicans prove themselves to be very wise to the tricks. Well it's not likely a Republican challenger whether they're found from Madigan's 14th Ward on the southwest side of Chicago or anywhere from Madigan's 22nd state rep district could win over the powerful speaker. At the same time I'm sure this makes for some good press for the often forgotten Chicago Republican Party.

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