Friday, January 10, 2014

I felt the bite of a "polar vortex" this week...

Temp on Monday
Had myself an interesting week. The weather has finally warmed up earlier this week the temperature was as low at 16 degrees below zero. I still had to work that day which was Monday and I was feeling the cold for certain.

It was not long after the snow had ended and because I had to work not enough time to really dig out which I eventually did on my day off. And at that school was out for the last two days in light of the weather although at first it seemed CPS was willing to stay open and force students to get out here in the elements.

Well, there are no complaints on my end, I stayed as warm as I could getting outside. I survived and hopefully many others did. And for Chicagoans - polar vortex or no polar vortex - weather like this is nothing new. Thankfully while we have at least two more months to go for winter, we should remember that spring is just around the corner.

It seemed that one or two days of very low temperatures was only temporary and it was. It seemed in spite of all the concerned, things got back to normal quickly. Even better the weather will warm and and all this snow and ice that accumulated will melt in the future.

BTW, sometimes I just get lazy to shave it coincided at the right time with the weather. The fuzz on my face kept it warm because once I had shaved and my face felt the bite of the cold. Though thankfully on that day it wasn't as cold as it had been on Monday. Still now, I'm glad to have shaven it off! :)

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